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Do you think lasers are best kept away from your face—and perhaps in a galaxy far, far away.With lasers, endodontists are able to do more, better and faster, all of which results in a better experience for the patient.

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They need the best, most precise tools in order to minimize errors.

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More precision means a faster recovery and less discomfort post-surgery.

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They specialize in dental surgery and are the go-to option for root canals, repair of failed root canals done at other clinics, restorations, implants and dental surgery.

Endodontists are like regular dentists, but with additional training and schooling.

For example, a root canal is pretty routine surgery, but it lacks high levels of precision without a laser.In fact, with dental insurance that covers laser dentistry, you may not notice a price difference at all.

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That alone is reason enough for many to sign up for laser dentistry.We use the latest state-of-the-art technology including lasers, microscopy, digital x-rays, CBCT, and intra-oral cameras for precise, predictable results.

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Everyone wants a smooth experience at the dentist, and your odds vastly improve in two ways: By going to an endodontist who uses a laser, and choosing the best endodontist in the area.

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Traditional dentistry tools and techniques can only do so much.